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 With over 150 productions in 2020 alone, our team has the knowledge, expertise and experience to have you up and running with seamless livestreams in no time.


People don’t think TV is that important anymore. Only 42% of people hold on to their cable subscription so they can watch live TV.


The coronavirus pandemic made virtual events a new mainstay. More than half of a  survey respondents expect live-streamed events to completely replace in-person events. 53% also saw higher event attendance after going virtual in 2020.


The “Lockdown Spike” from March to May 2020 was proved to be really telling of the future. Facebook won the most views, growing 239%. Twitch won the most hours watched, increasing by 267%..

Music Promotions

In April 2020, Italian tenor singer Andrea Bocelli reached over 2.8 million concurrent views on an Easter Sunday performance at the Duomo in Milan, Italy – becoming the second most popular live stream in YouTube history.

Social Media

Multistreaming with Restream remains the number-one way to truly maximize your audience reach by streaming to more than thirty top platforms, including the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, etc.

Motion Graphics

Most consumers want to see more videos and better quality videos from brands — 80% would prefer to watch a live video than read a blog post.

Content Design, Informed by Technology

The Control Rooms doubles as a complete content studio geared towards the entertainment industry. We are dedicated to expanding your brand narrative with compelling design, interactive storytelling and the latest in digital media. 


Reach New Fans and Customers

From syndicated pre-event coverage to stellar creative to cross-platform content strategy, our analytic acrobats will build and expand your audience and customer base using advanced AI analysis and smart content syndication

Increase Ticketing Revenue

Our seamless integrations enable ticketing on your branded channels using the world’s most trusted platforms. (EventBrite, Ovation, etc..)

Expand Merchandise Distribution

Using structured data and our eCommerce expertise, we’ll get your products carried in curated online stores and social media shops.

All the World’s A Stage

Especially Now!

The Pandemic has made the burgeoning livestreaming industry explode with new capablities and technologies. One thing is clear: livestreaming is here to stay and we’re ready to take it to a whole new level.



Intersecting the Film, TV and Music Industries

Our founding team has over 20 years experience each from some of the most respected media companies in the world, including the BBC, HBO, Tidal, the New York Times and AOL Time Warner. All music geeks, the three partners came together when COVID hit and shut down the live music industry .  Partnering with A2IM, they developed a livestream concert series, UnderCover, that raised money for the musician’s foundation and discovered they each bring something unique to the table.  

  • Motion Graphics and Design
  • Livestreaming and Film Production
  • Integrated Markting and Content Strategy

Larry Burnett

Head of Content

Larry got his start working at interactive agencies, specializing in building music sites for such clients as CMT, TNN, The Grand Old Opry,  and New Line Cinema. He was then recruited to launch AOL Music and manage its entry into the burgeoning digital music space with Apple iTunes, helping to build the brand from the ground up.

At HBO, Larry worked on the creative strategy for digital marketing and content partnerships. His grasp of the new media world also made him integral in launching many of HBO’s new products, including HBO GO, HBO Mobile, HBO On Demand and HBO HD.

In 2012, he founded Herculean, a consulting agency that helped big brands (Tivo, McGraw-Hill, The College Board, Frontier Communications) revamp their content ecosystems for mobile web and social channels. The  company also consulted with new startups and arts organizations to get their digital marketing up and running efficiently.

Larry has won numerous industry awards and also served for 7  years as the President/Board Chair of the NewFest Film Festival in New York.

Stephen Tucker

Head of Production

Stephen is a multi-faceted live-stream broadcasting expert, as well as a seasoned filmmaker, live-event and new media producer, director and editor of numerous documentaries and narrative projects. Stephen has served as the master sound engineer at the New York Times Center, as well as the director of production and technical director for live events with US Olympics and Paralympics Committee, HBO, AEG, Live Nation, Viacom, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. In the music space,  he’s developed music videos and documentary series content with brands such as Tidal, Warner Brothers, XXL Magazine, Source, BMG, Sesac, MTV, Vh1 and Hot 97.

With this impressive resume of live events under his belt , Stephen founded LiveStream Remote in 2017 with the mission to bring communities and businesses together for all their live-streaming needs.

Onwards and Upwards

The Control Room’s inaugural production was the Let’s Get Digital conference for A2IM.  They are currently developing pioneering music content projects, including art direction for the upcoming Caroline Mas documentary, digital promos (e.g., Spotify Canvases,  Social Media Music Shorts, Instagram filters, etc.) for a diverse array of acts, and virtual livestream partnerships for industry associations. 

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